The Rural Oklahoma Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) program presents providers with the opportunity to participate in training to help them treat patients with Opioid Use Disorder (OUD). The training ranges from the basic ASAM “Treatment of Opioid Use Disorder”, available live or on-line, to interactive TeleECHO Clinics (see below). ASAM also offers a suite of courses in their 40-hour CME program. All training is available at no cost to participating OklahomaMAT providers.

STATIC - Ongoing Course Opportunities and Information

1. Required Training: "ASAM’s “Treatment of Opioid Use Disorder Course” is available on-line or live. It is an 8-hour course and the only course required to apply for a Buprenorphine prescribing waiver from SAMHSA. This course counts towards fulfilling requirements for ASAM’s 40-hour CME program (see below). You may also take advantage of local opportunities that offer qualified Buprenorphine waiver courses. Please check our listing of local courses HERE.

2. Optional: All Rural OklahomaMAT providers are automatically enrolled in ASAM’s “Fundamentals of Addiction Medicine” program, a 40-hour CME course. All components of the 40-hour CME program are available on-line. Excepting the “Treatment of OUD” course mentioned above, all courses in the 40-hour CME program are optional when applying for the SAMHSA waiver.

3. ECHO Opportunities: As a Rural Oklahoma MAT provider, you do need to participate in at least two FAME TeleECHO sessions, with four sessions required to complete the 40-hour CME curriculum. There are several opportunities for fulfilling this requirement:

    • “Fundamentals of Addiction Medicine” (FAME) TeleECHO sessions are a 16-week live videoconference series. The FAME sessions connect experts, faculty and peers in the addiction medicine community. Each week there is a didactic lecture followed by case discussions submitted by providers. A schedule and list of topics can be found HERE.
    • "The Oklahoma State University’s Center for Health Sciences Addiction Medication TeleECHO" training includes topics of screening and diagnosis, impact on medical and psychiatric illness, and pharmacologic and behavioral treatment.
    • The "TeleECHO" sessions are offered by the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center related to addiction. Currently, this includes the “Managed Care Organization (MCO) Depression” TeleECHO. These sessions follow the same format, lecture plus case study, and are available at no cost.

Rotating Course Opportunities and Information

Rural OklahomaMAT will provide frequent updates on one-off course opportunities helpful to providers participating OklahomaMAT. These courses will be listed separately HERE. These may include:

  • Opportunities for the basic 8-hour “Treatment of Opioid Use Disorder” sponsored by local medical societies;
  • Training sessions and conferences on addiction medicine that offer education and CME credit;
  • Additional TeleECHO sessions related to treatment of OUD.