MAT Practice Support

MAT Coordinator

The MAT Coordinator will support providers and their staff on implementing MAT by addressing program needs and supporting care coordination linkages with behavioral health services.

Crystal Norman, MS, LADC

Crystal Norman is a Project Manager with the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services.  Crystal is currently serving as the MAT Coordinator for the Oklahoma Medication-Assisted Treatment Project and is a fully licensed LADC.  She has spent the past 8 years as the director of co-occurring and criminal justice services for a community mental health and health home agency. She worked to ensure quality comprehensive services were provided to consumers in a timely manner while meeting state and national funding and accreditation requirements in addition to ensuring organizational success.  She has experience in new program implementation as well as general practice facilitation.

Practice Facilitation and Team Supports for Coordinating Care

The MAT Coordinator will advise and support PCPs and their staff as they adapt MAT to their practice contexts and patient populations. A major function of this role will be to facilitate communication between the PCP and the behavioral health provider to whom patients are referred. This will support coordinated care. The MAT Coordinator will educate providers about local behavioral health services and community resources available to support patients’ psychosocial treatment and recovery needs, and help practices establish referral protocols that work for their practice.
Ms. Norman will have monthly site visits with the practice liaison to check in on the implementation of MAT in the practice; assess any challenges, needs, and topics of interest for inclusion in the project’s training curriculum; observe workflows; discuss the strengths and challenges of particular processes including referrals of patients into behavioral health other community based services; and discuss other emergent topics as the intervention proceeds.

Practice Support will be transitioning to the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (ODMHSAS) during March 2020. Crystal Norman will continue to be involved during the transition.