Legal Actions: Pharmaceutical Companies and Opioids

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Spotlight Shifts to Johnson & Johnson as First Major Opioid Trial Nears in Oklahoma

Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter’s 2017 lawsuit accuses Purdue Pharma, Johnson & Johnson, and Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd of engaging in deceptive marketing that downplayed the risks of addiction associated with opioid pain drugs while overstating their benefits. The state is seeking over $20 billion in damages. While Purdue Pharma settled out of court in March 2019, this article discusses the televised May 28 trial date is set for Johnson & Johnson.

In Oklahoma, Opioid Case Windfall Starts Winners Squabbling

In March, Purdue Pharma settled for $270 million, with nearly $200 million going to a new addiction treatment and research center at Oklahoma State University. Oklahoma’s more than 670 cities and counties received just $12.5 million to divvy up. Two months later, an $85 million settlement with Teva Pharmaceutical was announced and the opioid trial is still in-progress with Johnson & Johnson. This article discusses how the state is working with local cities and counties to ensure money goes to those communities directly impacted by the epidemic.