Fundamentals of Addiction Medicine (FAME) ECHO

Presented by ASAM and the University of New Mexico Project ECHO

What is FAME ECHO?

The Fundamentals of Addiction Medicine (FAME) ECHO is a 16-week live video conference series that builds on the knowledge and skills introduced at the ASAM Fundamentals Live Workshop. Learn how to recognize, diagnose and treat patients with substance use disorders by connecting “live” with experts and other members of the addiction medicine community! It’s a wonderful opportunity to collaborate with providers in the Rural Oklahoma Medication-Assisted Treatment Expansion project (OklahomaMAT), and other providers who are caring for patients with chronic OUD, while learning from expert faculty.

FAME sessions use the ECHO video conference model which connects participants face-to-face from their own computer to a panel of multidisciplinary experts including addiction specialists, a psychiatrist and an addiction counselor. FAME sessions are two hours each and include a 20- to 30-minute addiction didactic presentation and lively discussions on case presentations submitted by participants. 

Why Participate?

OklahomaMAT participants need to attend a minimum of two sessions to meet program requirements.* Four sessions are recommended; all sixteen sessions are not mandatory. Participants who attend four sessions or more will receive a certificate of learning achievement from the ECHO Institute.

In addition, OklahomaMAT participants are offered the opportunity to enroll in the ASAM Fundamentals of Addiction Medicine 40-Hour Program, beginning in April 2018, free of charge. Participants of the 40-Hour Program are granted access to over 40 hours of addiction medicine education that can be tailored to meet your individual practice needs.

OklahomaMAT seeks to expand access to medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for persons with opioid use disorder (OUD) in rural Oklahoma; with the hope of reducing opioid use, emergency department visits, and overdose deaths. The program offers practical, hands-on assistance to you and your office team through training, case-based consultations with addiction specialists, and mentoring from experienced MAT providers.

*OklahomaMAT participants who want to complete the 40-Hour program will need to attend a minimum of four FAME sessions.

*** December 2018-April 2019 Cohort has been ended. Stay tuned for an upcoming FAME ECHO session in June 2019! ***

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